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Benefits of Addition and Renovation

7,000 sq. foot addition – new construction

•    Elevator which services all three floors; provides accessibility to 80% of our building

Ground Floor
•    Clearly defined, covered, week-day entrance to building
•    Two-room nursery suite with diapering area and hand-washing for child-care givers;
      child-size toilet and hand-washing
•    An additional ground floor class room
•    Classrooms will be carpeted

Second Floor
•    Three classrooms /meeting rooms
•    Open waiting area also suitable for a small group meeting
•    All of these areas will be carpeted

Lower Level
•    Elevator access to existing classroom, vesting, and storage areas
•    Two handicapped accessible bathrooms, each with a shower
•    Storage area of 470 sq. ft.

Existing areas that were renovated

•    Replace cabinets with new, stainless steel cabinetry
•    New ceiling and lights
•    New hood for stove with fire suppression capability
•    Heating and Cooling

Clergy Suite
•    Rector’s office and conference room to be re-located to current nursery area
•    Associate Rector’s office re-located to current nursery area

Restroom facilities
•    New handicapped accessible restroom adjacent to current accessible restroom on
     main floor
•   Two handicapped accessible restrooms added to 2nd floor, where current Associate
    Rector’s office is now

•    Exterior of building to be natural stone, in a color which blends with existing stone
     façade of building
•    Roof to be shingled in a color which blends with our slate roof

BEHOLD Building Project Overview:  

1. How did we get here?  
The Building Use Committee was formed in 2004 to study the use of the building by all ministries and interested parishioners.  An extensive report was prepared in early 2005 that made recommendations to the vestry and prioritized additional space requirements to serve existing ministries.  In 2005, the Facility Visioning Committee was formed to turn the requirements into a plan.  An Architect was hired and the vision was presented to the parish.  In 2006 the Campaign Exploratory Committee was formed to ‘explore’ the feasibility of a Capital Campaign.  RSI was hired in 2007 to guide us and help us understand our true potential. Vestry approved a Capital Campaign. The Facility Visioning Committee 2 was formed in the summer of 2008 to finalize the construction documents and supervise the construction process.

2. What does it address?
The Building Use Committee uncovered certain needs.  This project addresses accessibility, nursery/multi-use rooms to support Christian Formation and other meetings, and kitchen renovation.

3.What is the scope of the project?  How many sq. ft. of new space?  How many sq. ft. of renovated space?
The 2-story with partial basement addition will be located south of the Big Bend entrance.  It will consist of 7100 new square feet consisting of(6) 500 square feet classrooms, (1) 250 square foot classroom, (1)storage room, (1) elevator servicing three levels, (1) stairway serving three levels and (1) new entry.  In addition, 2400 square feet of the existing building will be renovated:  specifically the Kitchen, 2nd floor offices as well as cosmetic upgrades to the dining room and other common areas.

4. What will be the benefits to people?
All three floors of Emmanuel Church (with the exception of Jones Hall) will be accessible via elevator and stairs.  The nursery and Christian Formation rooms will be more conveniently located.  There will be more classroom space for Christian Formation on Sundays and for small group meetings during the week.  The kitchen space and appliances will be more efficient and updated.

6. What about Jones Hall?
The Facilities Visioning Committee considered renovating Jones Hall first,but the costs did not justify this approach.  For the same amount of money as we will spend on our current plan, we would be able to bring Jones Hall “up to code,” but not gain any additional space.  We would lose the third floor and its three classrooms, since there is only one emergency fire exit.  The renovation of Jones Hall will remain a prospect for a later phase of Emmanuel’s building program.

7. Is expansion possible in the future?
Yes, the design of the addition considers future growth on the south side of the property.

8. When did the project start?  Finish? 
Ground breaking ceremony was held on April 26, 2009. Construction was completed in 2010.

9. Who was our architectural firm?  Riddle Design is our architectural firm.  They were selected by the Facility Visioning Committee in 2005 (and approved by the Vestry) after an extensive evaluation and bidding process.  www.riddledesign.us

10. What additional operating expenses will we incur after the building is completed? 
There will be a percentage increase in utilities.  Some of this may be offset by increased energy efficiency of new appliances.  A revised sexton schedule will accommodate changes to our space without increasing costs or personnel.

11. What will the exterior materials consist of? The exterior of the addition will be made of complimentary materials to the stone of the church (most likely a masonry product).