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Recycling at Emmanuel.

.Click here for a list of places and the items they recycle or reuse

Green Issues Considered in Construction of New Building Addition
(Read more about Behold Capital Campaign here.)
The following is a list of areas where the architects and builders have taken environmental (green) issues into consideration in constructing our new building:
 1.    Steel beams are made of recycled metals
 2.    Carpet of recycled materials
 3.    Building exterior of natural stone quarried within 500 miles of St. Louis,
        has natural insulating properties
 4.    Low VOC paint – does not emit noxious fumes
 5.    Convenient trash enclosure to include items for recycling
 6.    High efficiency HVAC system – Variable Refrigerant Valve Control – more efficient and
        provides more frequent air exchanges and better quality of air
 7.    Automated double front doors which conserve heating and cooling
 8.    Energy efficient windows which do not leak air
 9.    Energy efficient refrigerator and freezer in kitchen
10.   New hood for stove which does not 'steal' air conditioned air from dining room
11.   Automated system for heating/cooling – automatically turns temperature down and up
12.   Durable, stainless steel cabinetry, which has a longer life than wood cabinets and are
        easier to sanitize
13.   VCT flooring in nursery and lower level made of recycled materials and more durable
14.   Ceramic flooring in entry is durable and low-maintenance
15.   New hood for dishwasher removes humidity and soap odors
16 .  Improved and more energy efficient lighting in kitchen and new addition
17.   "Green" lighting specialist will be consulted for lighting in new addition and, where
       possible, for existing building